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This is a post about bras.

I’m breaking the saga of my housing situation (looking to be ending anyway) to get back to what I feel like I do best, advise. Today’s topic isn’t something one of the young people I mentor asked, nor was it something brought up in discussion with a colleague. No, my friends, this post was brought to you by my bra size and how hard it is to really find a good fit.

Feel free to skip this post if you want, but if you’re a woman you may want to read on:

To begin: cup size is not a static measure, it’s variable depending on strap size

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What, an update on ME? WOW

So, given the state of my townhouse, and my life in general, I’m a bit down. So I’ve figured that I’m going to treat myself to the things that I actually can do. Like cook and smell nice. I’m putting off buying frames and putting art up, but trolling around this weekend like I plan, I may pick up some wooden frames and paint (and bad ass anchors for my wall, since my wall is cheap and water damaged)

Anyway, this month’s theme is <b>Bergamot</b> I found two cookie recipes to try out, I bought a bunch of soap, and I’m going to hunt for candles Saturday. If anyone has any recipes, or candle shops, or soap shops to recommend to me, let me know! If the cookies come out smashingly, I’ll post pictures.

Once I actually buy new pots and pans I may even start trying to make my own lotion and soap. But I’ll want to use old pots and such for that, I’d wager.

The notice for repairs has been sent. I’m done trying to make contact with the rental offices. If they plan on doing anything, they will have 30 days from receipt of my notice. After that, I’m going to get a lawyer (I hate this shit).

Work’s actually going really <i>really</i> well. My boss was talking to me about graduate school during my annual review and I got a significant raise (more than I was expecting/supposed to get). I really do like this company and this job. A lot. I’m glad I’m not moving and staying here. Going through my transcripts and coding things up for the transfer credits for graduate school showed me just how long I was putting myself on the backburner for my ex. I had horrible grades really, my last stand in my first degree. It’s utterly embarrassing because once I was over it and going to school for this degree? I did well.

I’m not on the backburner anymore, not ever.

I bought a membership to a farming co-op, so now I get a bag of groceries to pick up once a week at the North Market (22 USD a week, damn good deal if you ask me) and that starts on the 20th. So YAY for me and delicious food. I’m really amazed at how CHEAP all of this good stuff is. Cooking at home really allows me to get nice stuff. I’m hoping that I can pay a friend off next month after I pay rent too. I hate leaving things unattended, particularly when someone was super giving to me.

Maybe I will hang some of the art. Maybe it’ll make me feel better.

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