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My Man Crush on Hugh Dancy

I haven’t posted in a while and I really do mean to make a more serious musing sooner or later, however, I have something silly on my mind and I really just needed a public place to put it. See, I have this giant level two man crush on Hugh Dancy. If you’re familiar with Jenna Marbles then you probably have heard her girl crush comments. If not, there are three levels of crushes.

No, look at him

Image from sugardarlingvintage.com

Level One: You want to hang out with this person and get coffee or something. Maybe just stare at them like a creeper. You wanna be near them.

Level Two: Where I am. You go to Creeper Level Two here and want to be them. Look at that guy, he’s fucking pretty. He’s really pretty. You kinda just want to look at him. And to be perfectly honest, is it really wrong that I sort of want to be Hugh Dancy? He’s attractive, rich, has a banging hot wife, what’s not to like? (He can actually keep Claire Danes, I come equipped with my own banging hot blonde ladyfriend.*)

Level Three: Not here, cause I’m gay. It’s Creeper Level 9000 and you know who you are.

I mean, quite obviously I’m never going to stalk him or anything like that, because that’s creepy and I wouldn’t REALLY want his life, I like mine and I probably couldn’t act my way out of a parking ticket. But there it is. I wouldn’t mind having his money, but I know how much actors WORK and I’m way too invested in laying on my floor for that nonsense.




*See,  Hugh, we have so much in common, we are both pretty with hot blonde ladies. Sure you dress better than I do and have about a hojillion more dollars than I do… but … TWO THINGS!


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