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Year of the Protagonist: New Lives

Oh, this has been a whirlwind two months, my blogfriends. I moved from the hell hole, I’m not getting my deposit back because I left some things there (but I did leave the place MUCH CLEANER than I got it). My ladyfriend moved in with me for the summer and she helped me move. It’s been really interesting, we sniped at each other a bit, but there was no major blow up and we’re almost all settled in.

Our new place is small. Extremely so, but it’s very nice. We’re slowly getting down to purging and unpacking things, the closet, a pile, and some shelves need to happen but we’ve definitely slowed down. My goal is to set up three more shelves today and put things on them. It’s real cozy and I love it here.

Ladyfriend can walk to work and I am only 8 minutes away by car. It’s really nice to be so … I dunno, close to everything. I can walk everywhere that I want to and I am enjoying the sort of relaxed freelance kinda feeling. Speaking of Freelance, I’m doing very well with the freelance job. So well, in fact, I am planning to be out of debt entirely in six years.

After that…maybe I’ll quit my main gig. I sort of daydream about having the freedom to go wherever I want whenever I want to go. Freelance is freedom for me. Once my debts are all paid up I am really not that expensive a person. Little apartment, enough food and time with my dogs is all I need.

It’s an odd thing to have choices. Lady Luck is smiling upon me. I’m not an expressly spiritual person, but I feel like something is looking out and that as long as I keep myself open, good things will come my way. Optimism is a nice thing to wear. 


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Internet Musings

One thing I can say about the Internet Life that I lead is that I have many dear friends I never see. Or very rarely. That’s how it is with my friends in CT. I’ve known them for over ten years now, but I have only seen them live and in the flesh twice. It sucks that this country has no major light rail. I would be able to visit for a day and not even have to worry about boarding my dogs. Travel in the USA is just damned expensive.

Though it does make me sit back and marvel at how much being social has changed in the past twenty years. Friendship circles are more like widely cast lines and being a part of a community no longer just means the one that you physically live in. I first got a computer in 2000, it was my present from my whole family when I started college. I remember how strange the internet felt and it taught me how important conversing with clear thoughts could be. I could research, read, and hear from people who had vastly different lives than my own. I learned to be very self reliant with google, with testing waters, and with collection of data.

I’ve used online journals to role play, to commune with others, and to just enjoy someone else’s point of view. I’ve watched as the community online both ages and gets younger and I am continually amazed at how different people use different forms of social media. I’m comfortable knowing that there are certain ways to role play that I just don’t have time for (Tumblr, Twitter, I’m looking at you) but I tried them. For me, the internet is about experiment and communication. As an introvert I like the idea that I can not have to verbally speak to someone or be physically close to someone to speak with them. I can do other things while I’m chatting like cook, clean, or play with my pets and not be thought of as rude. It’s also far cheaper to chat online than it is to go out and visit others.

It’s good that people who aren’t able to go out and socialize CAN now. And it’s good that people don’t need to be continually plugged in if they don’t want to. I still go out with my local friends and fly out to visit my non-local ones. But the fact that I don’t NEED to see people in the flesh every day means that I don’t ever feel overwhelmed. The fact that I can still COMMUNICATE when I want to means that I don’t ever feel lonely. It’s a really nice compromise for someone that adores silence most of the time and people the rest.


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Bupropion Diaries – I’m just a girl who can’t say no

I had an (obvious) realization about myself last night…

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Well, it’s been a month

I’m currently hanging out at a starbucks with a lovely lady waiting to go to a wedding. It’s been one busy month for me, my hobbies (including this blog) have suffered terribly. Thankfully, I have Monday off  so I can actually put my new place together, go through the posts here, and actually get back to typing. I have a live feed that will be going on June 4th, or 5th about interviewing and job/school prep. I’ll link the feed here, in case anyone is interested.

I’m also soaking up atheist blogs lately. I’m pretty fascinated by philosophy in general and realized that I lacked quite a bit of knowledge in the readings. Therefore I picked up The God Delusion, and am reading a bunch of blogs from ex-evangelicals, it’s an utterly fascinating thing to me. 

 But, it’s time to go for a walk with said lovely lady. I’ll check in later.

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