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Year of the Protagonist: Backstory Part Two

I had a CT scan today. News is much of the same. I’m… irritated more than anything. I have a sinus infection (still) so I’m on a steroid nose spray. My asthma is starting to flare up (Thanks for NOTHING, prednisone) so I’m also going to be taking a breathing treatment every four hours when I’m home. Breathing treatments and I have a long, difficult, and aggravating history.  I get paranoid and shaky when I’m on them, thankfully I don’t snap at people, however. I try to not be a jerk.

But blowing out candles, noisy machines, and dry mouth are things I wish I could just not deal with anymore.

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Year of the Protagonist: Backstory Part One

Sorry for not posting, I’ve been feeling under the weather lately and fairly stressed out with work. However, my illness has me trolling down memory lane, so to speak and I suppose every good protagonist needs a backstory, right?

I’ve been so healthy lately that I’d really forgotten what it was like to be a Sick Person. I blocked it from my mind along with a jumble of other things that I’d rather not acknowledge. However, today I’m hit with a flashback that can’t really be avoided. My problems are so common now that it feels funny to say that they nearly killed me.

It’s just asthma. I’m just prone to sinus infections. I’m as healthy as a horse aside from two months out of the year. These are all things I say to try to mask the fact that once upon a time I was a case study. 

When I was about 3 years old, my mother punched out a doctor.

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