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Utilities … the skinny on the Residences at Bexley Woods

Hopefully you’re looking for a place to stay and you’re having a little more luck than I am (I’ve got a good lead that I viewed today, and I’m seeing a very nice woman about a rental tomorrow, so here’s to hoping). If you’re thinking “Hey, you know, they’re fixing the places up! It’ll be okay!” Stop and think again. They aren’t going to be touching the windows and doors of these places anytime soon by their own admittance. In fact, they pretend every time that the issue is brought up, that they had no idea about it.

Rumors have it (And rumors are just that, so the following could be untrue) that the prior owner of this property got a large sum grant to update all the doors and windows, thus saving us residence hundreds a month (not making that up). Instead of doing this, however, he bought another property then filed bankruptcy. This means that our windows rattle, our doors leak, all the things that old single pane windows do. What this all boils down to, alongside the spider vent system in the units (making it “impossible” to blow/clean out, apparently), means that our utility bills are through the roof. Let’s add to this that up until the bank took over, we’ve been paying our “share” of water for the WHOLE BUILDING we are in, not just our units.

Sure, 650 looks like a deal for a two bedroom townhouse, but let’s break it down. 650 + fees for pets and whatnot = 694 dollars a month. Add the 175-300 dollars a month for electric. (I’m not making numbers up, before I went on a budget I threw down 175 and a neighbor told me she was throwing down 250 easily a month.) Add to that a fairly arbitrary water bill and you’re up to like 879 – 1044 a month. I haven’t turned the gas on yet because JUST cleaning myself, my clothes, and my things on a monthly basis cost me like 40 dollars a month. I’m utterly terrified about heating this place. Not so cheap now, is it?


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The residences of Bexley Woods… is nearing the end…

I suppose I’ll do a write-up on the sky high utilities tomorrow. The good news is that they have been working around the complex. The bad news is that it’s too little too late. The utility bills are not going to be adjusted anytime soon and anything that comes from the office is simply lip service. 

To their credit, however, I do have a brand new, working dishwasher (that backs up with water whenever the disposal is run) and they SEEM to be working on replacing my stove. 


Also hopefully within the next week is a post about bras. Yes, I know. 

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Updates on the townhouse and myself

After about a weeks worth of phone tag, I got verbal confirmation that all I need to do to break my lease is provide a 30 day notice. Apparently the Residences at Bexley Woods are not even accepting new tenants right now and are instead focused on getting the property fixed. However, they aren’t going to do anything about the windows and doors anytime soon and that’s my major problem. The electric/gas bills in this complex are outrageous. I’m a single person with a full time job and I blew out 170 bucks on my electric bill before I went to a budget plan. It’s simply way too much money. 

Tuesday evening they will have a sort of meet and greet at the main office from 4-7. I plan on attending, but I’m not holding my breath on anything good happening. If they could promise to lower the rent or to fix the doors and windows within the next three months, I’d stay here. But that’s not going to happen. 

So I’m on the hunt for a new apartment. Had a spot of good luck today, hopefully it’ll generate some good hits. I’m hopeful for this to turn out for the best. I’m at least in a place where I can comfortably look. My treat myself weekend is next weekend (Saturday is Spa Day and Writers Workshop) and Sunday I’m going to be volunteering at a beer festival! 

I suppose I’ll be able to get back to my regular posting about Engineering related stuff soon. XD

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The Residences at Bexley Woods: Still Can’t Communicate.

On August 5th I attempted communication again with the Residences at Bexley Woods. Since then I’ve called numerous times but have never been contacted back in regards to my property and the repairs. Below is a record of that communication, starting with my first email, a second, and then a follow-up that is being sent today 8/12/12.

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The Residences at Bexley Woods Really Should Get Their Stuff Together: The Saga Continues

The Changing of the Guard and Yet another Leak

My last round of updates left us at around July 6th with my dishwasher in parts and leaking all over the basement. That was finally patched on the 6th late. I felt poorly for the maintenance guy, it really wasn’t his fault, but he was fixing someone else’s mistake. The level of unprofessionalism that the Residences at Bexley Woods shows is really above and beyond anything I’ve ever experienced and that included really cheap college apartments in West Laf during my undergrad.

July was a frustrating month of false promise. To even begin to understand that, I’ll have to take a step back in time and explain three different management companies (since March when I moved in) New Life, Heather Glenn, and now McKinley have all taken up the “management” mantel. Each one seems to be doing a pretty poor job.

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The Residences of Bexley Woods… what can I say?

Despite the “fixed” door and my uncertainty if it is watertight or not, that is “done”.

What also was done was my dishwasher, I can only assume it’s still in parts and the leak in my basement, I can also only assume still leaking. I called at 9:30pm EST last night and left a message. now at 10:20am EST I’ve heard nothing and the number for the main line apparently can’t take my call right now. I’ve contacted a lawyer search, hopefully this will net me something. I’m also going to make another large post tonight, complete with photographs.

Really, this is above and beyond horrible.

All the pictures

Part OneUpdate 1Update 2Update 3Part Two Part ThreeUpdate 4Update 5

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The Residences of Bexley Woods Really Should get Their Stuff Together

The Residences of Bexley Woods Really Should get Their Stuff Together

I want to preface these blog entries by saying I don’t want money. I really just want my problems resolved and for the complex to uphold their end of the rental agreement. If they are incapable of doing that, I want to be released from the rental contract when I find other housing with no fault or any repercussions. I intend to keep up with this until an amicable resolution can be reached.

On March 23rd, 2012 I was supposed to move into the Residences of Bexley Woods in Columbus OH. (Off Travis Road, in case you’re keeping tabs). I had entered into the agreement to move to the complex over a month in advance. Please note, this means they had over a month to get things together. When I walked the show model I was amazed. Hardwood floors, a newly remodeled kitchen, wonderful fenced in back yard, and two amazingly well lit bathrooms. I was assured they were updating all the units but my unit “may have carpet”. I didn’t mind that and gave them a check within a week.

Here is a link to their online walkthrough:

This is the unit I walked. I want to be VERY CLEAR that this is the unit that I was sold.

I knew that the one I moved into wouldn’t be as nice as this. However, on March 23rd, I realized how “not as nice” that really was. There is actually so much to be told that I am going to have to break this up into a few posts. Please note, the following posts will include a fire on the drop stove, water damage, and all sorts of nasty surprises.

Move in Day – Part One

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