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Bupropion Diaries: I Won’t Say it’s Over

I’ve found that depression is the reason that I kept with this blog. It’s the reason that many people who I read and comment to on a regular basis and I came into contact. Some sort of shared emotional tragedy and pretty words have that magic glue to cement people together.

At least that’s true in that casual, safe from a distance sort of way. I’ve had online journals before, but they have hidden behind fandoms and pleasantries that hide who I am. But this one is different. It’s followed me and I’m excited because it’s getting more exposure, more traffic and yet those casual safe from a distance sort of way folks are still here reading.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m actually proud of myself.

All that being said, I was really hesitant to call this case “closed”; I’m not sure that depression really goes away. All I know is that I’ve been off of my medication for a little over a month now and I feel good. I have bad days, I have good ones, and I’m having great ones too.

And I’m writing.

I used to hate having chapters with neat, happy endings, but lately, my life has changed my mind.


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Bupropion Diaries – Just not a Morning Person

I have to call my doctor today, I’m going away for a work training session and will run out of my script during that time. I’m unsure right now if I should ask her to up it or not. My anxiety has mostly gone away (I’ve also stopped drinking so much caffeine). I am writing, but I’m behind on my scene a day, I include these entries and poetry along with actual fiction scenes. I’m only four days behind though, and I think that I can crank out four scenes today. I’m feeling in the mood to write at least.

This brings me to the conundrum.

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