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I Am the Little Sister: A 90’s Lesbian’s Input on Gone Home

And ANOTHER guest spot! I loved this game.

Nerd-Person Narrative

gone home game portrait

The following is  guest post written by the magnificent Lily Xavier. You can check out her blog here.

Gone Home was one of those games that I wasn’t going to pick up until Robyn mentioned that she would be interested in seeing my input on it. She didn’t spoil me at all to the plot, but she spoke so highly of it that the following weekend I pulled the game up and got down to business. All in all, I played the game from start to finish over the weekend, and I have to say I’m impressed on multiple levels. What it did was very simple: it told a story through a window character. How it did it, however, was complex enough to be beautiful without being pretentious.

And trust me, I was in high school in the 90s, I know pretentious. Below are going to be SPOILERS, so…

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Where are the Big Name Horror Games?

Almost forgot about this! My newest guest spot on Nerd Person Narrative!

Nerd-Person Narrative

Fatal Frame Crimson Butterfly

The following is  guest post written by the glorious Lily Xavier. You can check out her blog here.

You have to understand that I’m one of those old school horror gamers. I’ve played every title of horror game that has been presented to me (and I’ve watched a good deal of playthroughs of games that I can’t get my hands on). I’ve logged in hours on Clock Tower; I played Rule of Rose; I still go back and replay Fatal Frame II on occasion; in short, I love horror games.  These days, however, when I’m looking for a title to spark my spooks, I’ve stopped looking for big name games. Instead, I’m playing things like The Path, or other small store, Indy based games. I can’t put my finger on why, but it seems so difficult to find a horror game these days from a big company…

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Breath of Fire Series: No, Seriously, Let’s Talk about Nina

Another Guest Spot at nerd Person Narrative!

Nerd-Person Narrative


The following is  guest post written by the wonderful Lily Xavier. You can check out her blog here.

I make no secret of my deep, burning, and rather passionate love of the Breath of Fire Series (Yes, I even enjoyed Dragon Quarter).  I’ve recently found myself going back and playing Breath of Fire IV with my fiancée as she’s never played it before. Unlike other games that I loved as a youth, the story of Breath of Fire IV and the characters still move me. Each character is realized as an independent being with drives and personality, even from the very first rendition of the series. One of the reoccurring characters in every Breath of Fire title is Princess Nina Wyndia.  When I read about the most compelling and strongest female characters in videogames, I’m always a bit disappointed that she’s left out. Why do I think that Nina…

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New Things!

One small article for the internet, one giant leap for yours truly! I’ve been published by my dear friend, Robyn Miller on her blog, Nerd Person Narrative. I’ll be doing a few little guest spots there about gaming. My SEO work is also picking up and I’m feeling pretty good about writing professionally.


I’m really getting into looking at fandom and the interactions within them. There’s something really magical for me about watching how people interact and share ideas over media. The collective mentality when watching something like the Welcome to Night Vale fandom  interact is fascinating.

But for now, I’ve got a lot of other balls in the air and I’m working on scooping them up. I’ve recently opened up a twitter and a tumblr, feel free to follow me for smaller posts and updates!



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It’s about a Narrative: What Ico Did Best

My first guest post!

Nerd-Person Narrative

ico game

The following is  guest post written by the lovely Lily Xavier. You can check out her blog here.

When Ico came out in 2001-2002 it received critical acclaim. It isn’t only the “cult” gamers that tout it as one of the best they have ever played. I don’t want to talk about the mechanics, the high ranking scores, or that occult status it holds in many gamer’s hearts.  All the praise is well earned, but that’s been done to death. What I want to talk about right now is how it proved that we don’t need “action” games to be “twitch” oriented and how, if we could put down this idea of what true gamers are, we could get better games.

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Year of the Protagonist: Backstory Part Two

I had a CT scan today. News is much of the same. I’m… irritated more than anything. I have a sinus infection (still) so I’m on a steroid nose spray. My asthma is starting to flare up (Thanks for NOTHING, prednisone) so I’m also going to be taking a breathing treatment every four hours when I’m home. Breathing treatments and I have a long, difficult, and aggravating history.  I get paranoid and shaky when I’m on them, thankfully I don’t snap at people, however. I try to not be a jerk.

But blowing out candles, noisy machines, and dry mouth are things I wish I could just not deal with anymore.

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Games: My Sort of Girl Gamer

I’ve wondered, from time to time, what it means to be a gamer and why, for some reason, there’s a pissing contest about it. Too many times I’ve seen people devalue the way others game. Or the games that others like. As though by picking up a certain character or a certain game a person has marked them as “good enough” or “not good enough” for the subculture. I have found myself rejected from certain groups because I’m the wrong gamer.

When I was about twenty-two I met a boy who I thought was a good guy. We were friends. He noticed me playing a Sonic the Hedgehog emulator in a lab and we bonded. Then we talked about other games, mostly Nintendo and the old school variety. We geeked about Samus and then I mentioned that I always wanted to try tabletop gaming. Excited, he agreed to ask me along with his friends that weekend. Said that they’d help me make a character, ease me into it and that a few of their group were also pretty new.

Then he saw me wear my letters and everything changed. No longer was I a “geek” girl. I was a “Greek” girl and that meant all the difference. Being in a sorority was a blast for me. I met lifelong friends, I really found myself. I learned more in those three years about myself than I ever had before and I ever had since. Was there drama? Of course, did I like everyone in my house? No.  But did I enjoy the experience? Absolutely. Being in the Greek system meant something to me. It was a facet of my life like gaming was.

But all he saw was a bitch. He avoided me for the rest of the semester and didn’t speak to me after. I was hurt by this; young and still pretty unsure of myself it did a number on my self confidence. What was wrong with me, really? Was I too close to the line or was I not far enough to the line? What about seeing letters alone made me not be “geek” enough for him?

I had a close friend relate a story to me about a colleague who felt she had to one up a boy in a study by saying “I could kick your butt in Halo”. We both wondered why she felt the need to go along with the idea that some games were “girly” and thus “bad”. She could have easily said that “what does it matter what kind of games I play?” or “Just because I like one doesn’t mean the others are bad.” Instead of that, however, she chose to cement the idea that what a girl in makeup and Greek letters would do is lesser than a girl in a 1up shirt and bare faced would.

Protip? Many still expect the 1up shirted girl to put out. In fact they expect her -while she is renouncing all other female traits- to still give them blowjobs. It’s as though I “belonged” to a different set of men and thus he couldn’t have me and didn’t want me. It blows my mind that most of these people adore characters that are assholes for the sake of being assholes. Glorifying them for being good at something violent and nothing more. I’m not going to purport to know why this is, but it fuels a lot of things.

Like telling me that I’m a bad gamer because I like Eternal Sonata. Or because I play Final Fantasy games that I’m only going along with popular culture. So what if I am? What are my likes to you? Why does the fact that I like something have any impact on someone else at all? I hate to be the barer of bad news, fellow geeks, but other people’s opinions don’t usually matter to me. In fact, if they’re dictated to me, I’m far less likely to give a damn what you think about the fact that I’m a former sorority girl. Or the fact that I think Breath of Fire Four is the greatest game story ever.

What I play doesn’t mean that I don’t play. I’m a gamer. Someone who games. Your games are just as valid as mine are. Not more so, not less. This is no pissing contest; there is no winner or loser, just different types of games. What you like or do not like doesn’t matter to me. What I like or do not like should not matter to you. Your opinion matters just as much to me as mine does to you. Maybe everyone would do well to remember that.

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