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A Guide to Writing Characters Who are Over 30: Part One, Ending Relationships

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First, let me start by saying this isn’t because I don’t value young writers. By contrast, I’ve met a lot of writers who are churning out better stuff at 16 than people in their forties. That’s why I’m doing this. It’s not skill that makes people who are younger unable to write people who are older, it’s just experience. So I’ll be writing some pointers. If you have specific questions, just ask, I’ll get to them.

Problem One: ″Well I’m friends with all my exes…″

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This is a post about bras.

I’m breaking the saga of my housing situation (looking to be ending anyway) to get back to what I feel like I do best, advise. Today’s topic isn’t something one of the young people I mentor asked, nor was it something brought up in discussion with a colleague. No, my friends, this post was brought to you by my bra size and how hard it is to really find a good fit.

Feel free to skip this post if you want, but if you’re a woman you may want to read on:

To begin: cup size is not a static measure, it’s variable depending on strap size

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