Adventures of Short Sleeping: I Sincerely Want This to Stay

Welcome back to my Short Sleep Cycle Adventures!

As of typing this it is almost 1700EST and I feel really good. Last night (this morning, I suppose) was my second night at a 4 hour sleep schedule and so far, it’s working great! The best thing that I’ve noticed so far is that everything feels like it’s slowed down for me. I’m not rushing to beat a clock and I am able to take on more work WHILE having more time to follow my hobbies, such as this blog.

Yesterday was actually amazing. I had a shower, took the dogs for a nice walk, took my time getting ready, and got to work early, fresh as a daisy or any flower of your choosing, but a fresh one. Colorful too. I didn’t have my usual 1400 hour crash in energy and didn’t even bother to get my second cup of coffee. For the record, I drink half caf half decaf, because I love coffee and want to drink more of it. I got home and I ended up doing some extra work that got dropped (yay brownie points for me!) and played a videogame before turning down the lights at 1am and winding down for an hour.


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Today I did kinda flub and lazed about in bed till 0700. I was up at 0600, per doctor’s orders, just read my phone, futzed about, cuddled my puppy, that kind of thing. I still managed to walk the dogs, get my protein shake, and skedaddle off to work on time. I felt a bit draggy, not super tired at around 1000 and then again at 1400, but it wasn’t anything I wasn’t used to. I’ve felt much more exhausted before. Plus, today was a pretty brutally busy day.

After talking to my doctor, I began looking up ″short sleep cycle″ online. I was a bit discouraged to find little to nothing about the condition. Most of it appears to be directed to babies or news/blog articles that I’m not sure that I can trust. I’m going to have to ask my doctor for some information or literature when I see him next.

The basic gist of what happens is that there is a gene mutation that causes Short Sleepers to need only half the amount of sleep that most people do. I, personally, am seeing if getting by on 4 hours a night. To qualify being a Short Sleeper, the person only sleeps 3-5 hours a night. AND WAKES UP FULLY ALERT. That’s the key. Many, MANY people don’t get enough sleep. They complain of weight gain, headaches, fatigue, basically it’s difficult for them and it’s miserable. If you’re miserable because of your sleeping arrangement, then something’s wrong.

So far, the only strange effects that I’ve noticed is that my internal clock is quite off. I thought it was 1500 when it was only 1300. I’m never that far off in my time estimates. I assume that time is moving faster because I used to feel somewhat rushed at times. I had to prioritize my free time because there was only so much of it. However, now it feels like I’m moving at warp speed and time itself is much slower. This can probably attributed to having 19 productive hours in my day. It’s a side effect that I’m rather enjoying.

I’m not high stress, but these past two days have been blissfully zen-full. I feel rested and alert, I can focus. Now if the weather can just become nice and stop playing soccer with my sinuses, things would be fabu.

In short, day 2 has been a smashing success. Stay tuned for what day 3 brings!


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