Where are the Big Name Horror Games?

Almost forgot about this! My newest guest spot on Nerd Person Narrative!

Nerd-Person Narrative

Fatal Frame Crimson Butterfly

The following is  guest post written by the glorious Lily Xavier. You can check out her blog here.

You have to understand that I’m one of those old school horror gamers. I’ve played every title of horror game that has been presented to me (and I’ve watched a good deal of playthroughs of games that I can’t get my hands on). I’ve logged in hours on Clock Tower; I played Rule of Rose; I still go back and replay Fatal Frame II on occasion; in short, I love horror games.  These days, however, when I’m looking for a title to spark my spooks, I’ve stopped looking for big name games. Instead, I’m playing things like The Path, or other small store, Indy based games. I can’t put my finger on why, but it seems so difficult to find a horror game these days from a big company…

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