Quoth the Raven: Riders and Dragons

Over at Terrible Minds, Chuck Wendig does a “flash fiction challenge” using this random story title generator. I gave it a spin and I’m actually really interested in the results! I’ll be posting a small fic once a week or so, nothing fancy, just going to post the title or the prompt and roll with it. You’re all welcome to play along or shoot me a prompt to add to my list of prompts and dates.

Today’s prompt is:   Riders and Dragons

Breath of Fire IV

Quoth the Raven: Riders and Dragons

“Riders” is sort of the term that people who live with dragons have picked up for themselves. They rarely actually ride any dragons. I’m certain if they asked, however, a dragon would oblige. Riders tend to be very abrasive, the direct sort of person that is extremely protective of those they care about.

Don’t get into a fight with a rider; they’re just always ready to go. They don’t like people talking poorly about the dragons in their company either. Not at all. You want to be polite with them, but they do have a tendency to steamroll. I’ve been told that they can be tender and caring but I’ve not seen it. One thing I don’t question a moment is their loyalty.

Their personalities and mine are oil and water. However, when one does business with dragons one deals with riders. And riders are worth the trouble when a dragon is serious about a transaction. They’re always fair, both the rider and the dragon. Even someone like me would never try to double deal them. It never works out well for the trickster.

It should be said that dragons, as a whole, are pacifists. I’m not sure where the idea of them laying waste to humanity ever came from. Of course, then I’m reminded what humanity is like and I’m not quite surprised. Don’t get me wrong, dragons are still dragons and when they’ve had enough they push back. Most dragons are large enough that this push gives them significant clout.

The funny thing about them is that they’re downright docile when you get them in the mood. Give them enough to eat and someone to relax with and dragons can nest down about anywhere. Once you’ve got a dragon walking among your people you have a certain level of luck to follow. Some danger too, that much power tends to pull problems too it.

Trouble really does look for people. It’s the wrongs in the world needing sorted. If trouble finds you out, it’s because it thinks that you can help it.

Dragons help a lot, I suppose.

You won’t know when you meet a dragon. When they look like people there’s a quiet about them. Spirits know to give them Their Due. You may even find them easy to overlook and take advantage of. They rarely speak out of turn and are ones to go with the flow. You know you’ve met a dragon is when it is too late; when you’ve angered them.

The air does not simply go still, it becomes rigid and sharp. The light in their eyes is cold and they will smile. Recall the truth about a smile, my friend. It can save your life.


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