Welcome, Hello, and Writing Prompts

Welcome to new followers! I realize that this site itself is still a work in progress (forgive me for that!) I will be moving in the next couple of months to a brand spanking new layout, it’s in the works thanks to Heather from Near a Tree. I also realize that I covered a wide range of topics on this particular blog, so I’ve made a much better blurb explaining it all.

From now on you can expect a lot more on writing. I’m still going to be talking about the work that is professional (guest blogging, resume, SEO, copywriting). I’m a hopeful fiction writer and I want to share that adventure with you all. That means I’ll be posting musings, prompts, and hopefully having discussions with everyone, come what may.

Don’t think that I still won’t do random advice, answer questions, or anything like that. All in all this blog is a representation of me and who I am personally, not just as a writer. That being said, I am going to start with the writing today! Over at Terrible Minds, Chuck Wendig does a “flash fiction challenge” using this random story title generator. I gave it a spin and I’m actually really interested in the results! I’ll be posting a small fic once a week or so, nothing fancy, just going to post the title or the prompt and roll with it. You’re all welcome to play along or shoot me a prompt to add to my list of prompts and dates.

This feature will be called “Bits and Pieces” and my first title prompt is “The Delicate Apocalypse”

Quoth the Raven: The Delicate Apocalypse

“I’m not sure what it is that I’m looking at.” The snow was crisp beneath my boots; the sound was proof that I needed every layer I’d piled on before we’d left.

In answer she shrugged.

My jaw clenched. It hurt to breathe and I didn’t want to be outside anymore. “You’re not helping me at all.”

Another shrug.

That would be the problem with the Snow Queen; she’s so fond of the frigid weather that she can’t understand why anyone else wouldn’t be. She’s also extremely fond of others and sometimes I think she’s honestly just lonely. I wouldn’t imagine that the wild is always the best companion. I can sympathize really, my people travel in groups for that very reason. However, it doesn’t mean that I’m excited to stand out here.

She seems aware that I’m only giving her Her Due and not truly there as a companion. But that’s not my nature. She should know that by now.

“You wouldn’t like it inside.” I switch tactics. “It’s not as bright, not as crisp. Hardly as shiny. There is a musty sort of smell as well; no one cleans their spaces properly.”

When the Snow Queen smiles it is never truly happy. A smile is what shows a being’s interior. When Evil smiles you can tell immediately that you need to duck and run out of there. Industry or Honesty, Night and Day, everything is given up in a smile. I realize then what it is that I am looking at.

The frost bites through the lines and the power goes away, the earth itself fades into darkness. It’s simplistic and quiet in that way that feels as though you could break it if you breathe too deeply. In remote areas of the world, peaceful slumbers will stretch out forever. She didn’t need me to identify a thing. All she wanted was a fellow witness.


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