Breath of Fire Series: No, Seriously, Let’s Talk about Nina

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The following is  guest post written by the wonderful Lily Xavier. You can check out her blog here.

I make no secret of my deep, burning, and rather passionate love of the Breath of Fire Series (Yes, I even enjoyed Dragon Quarter).  I’ve recently found myself going back and playing Breath of Fire IV with my fiancée as she’s never played it before. Unlike other games that I loved as a youth, the story of Breath of Fire IV and the characters still move me. Each character is realized as an independent being with drives and personality, even from the very first rendition of the series. One of the reoccurring characters in every Breath of Fire title is Princess Nina Wyndia.  When I read about the most compelling and strongest female characters in videogames, I’m always a bit disappointed that she’s left out. Why do I think that Nina…

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