Year of the Protagonist: It’s all About Personal Style

Jack, a blogger friend of mine (You should check him out) brought up an interesting concept to me at the beginning of the year, and I’ve tried to take it to heart. “The Year of the Protagonist”; basically this year is about me. I’m not a hero, but this year, this moment, this time, it’s about me.

Since I finally found another apartment, I’m going through my things yet again. This place is considerably smaller again, but to be honest, that’s what I need. Purging is healthy, particularly when you’re sort of re-inventing yourself. My Ladyfriend calls it a second adolescence and in many ways, she’s correct. The things that I had from my straight life are not to all be thrown away, obviously, but they aren’t all to be kept, either.

This place has been an excellent transition for me, half the size of my house, nearly twice the size of my new place will be. There are a lot of things that I won’t need at all, like a carpet shampooer, for example, that I use a lot currently. I have tubs of clothes, an old desk… numerous things that I can just leave behind because I’m going into a 700sqft studio with a side kitchen.

In the unfinished portion of my basement I have a growing corner of “moving sale” items. My goal is to get everything moved in two days or so, then to have a giant “everything must go” moving sale. Whatever doesn’t go, I’ll just donate or abandon. That includes a vast amount of clothing.

I’m abysmal at dressing myself. A snug t-shirt and jeans along with my one pair of sneakers is it. I wear scrubs to work. And rarely wear more than PJs when I am home. I’m just… not high fashion or anything like that. I realize now that it makes me a bit unhappy to say that. So, from here on in, I’m embarking on a new style quest.

Pinterest is apparently Tumblr for grownups. So I’m going to use it to my styling advantage. I am not a twenty year old, anymore. I need to get a style that fits a woman of my age and professional standing. While still remembering that I’m a tattooed punk at heart. It’s a fun new adventure.


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  1. Pinterest is totally Tumblr for grownups. Being all pictures and no text means it’s much lighter on drama. XD

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