Utilities … the skinny on the Residences at Bexley Woods

Hopefully you’re looking for a place to stay and you’re having a little more luck than I am (I’ve got a good lead that I viewed today, and I’m seeing a very nice woman about a rental tomorrow, so here’s to hoping). If you’re thinking “Hey, you know, they’re fixing the places up! It’ll be okay!” Stop and think again. They aren’t going to be touching the windows and doors of these places anytime soon by their own admittance. In fact, they pretend every time that the issue is brought up, that they had no idea about it.

Rumors have it (And rumors are just that, so the following could be untrue) that the prior owner of this property got a large sum grant to update all the doors and windows, thus saving us residence hundreds a month (not making that up). Instead of doing this, however, he bought another property then filed bankruptcy. This means that our windows rattle, our doors leak, all the things that old single pane windows do. What this all boils down to, alongside the spider vent system in the units (making it “impossible” to blow/clean out, apparently), means that our utility bills are through the roof. Let’s add to this that up until the bank took over, we’ve been paying our “share” of water for the WHOLE BUILDING we are in, not just our units.

Sure, 650 looks like a deal for a two bedroom townhouse, but let’s break it down. 650 + fees for pets and whatnot = 694 dollars a month. Add the 175-300 dollars a month for electric. (I’m not making numbers up, before I went on a budget I threw down 175 and a neighbor told me she was throwing down 250 easily a month.) Add to that a fairly arbitrary water bill and you’re up to like 879 – 1044 a month. I haven’t turned the gas on yet because JUST cleaning myself, my clothes, and my things on a monthly basis cost me like 40 dollars a month. I’m utterly terrified about heating this place. Not so cheap now, is it?


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