The Residences at Bexley Woods: Still Can’t Communicate.

On August 5th I attempted communication again with the Residences at Bexley Woods. Since then I’ve called numerous times but have never been contacted back in regards to my property and the repairs. Below is a record of that communication, starting with my first email, a second, and then a follow-up that is being sent today 8/12/12.

Mr Name Withheld

Thank you for giving you my card to email you my concerns with my unit. Your staff was by early in July to assess my property. They took a lot of notes, and if you could tell me if these are in your system I’d appreciate it. I just want to make sure that information is transferring from one end to the other. I’m going to go through my concerns here in a list form, It’s quite long, so thank you in advance for your time.

Overall Concerns: These are for the whole unit, and are my major issues with the property.

  1. There’s been obvious water damage throughout the property.
    1. From the basement to the upstairs bathroom, numerous places in the property show warping from water damage.
  2. Dangerous power outlets.
    1. Every outlet in the property either does not work (kitchen by the windows) or barely holds the power cord. Outlets spark when plugging unplugging them
  3. Cleanliness of unit
    1. When I moved in the place had not been professionally cleaned. There were chicken bones in the back sliding door and the back yard was completely overgrown.
    2. I’m asthmatic and was denied a mold test upon every request from prior management
    3. The unit never has been professionally cleaned
    4. The vents and air filters have never been cleaned
  4. Air Quality
    1. All the vents are dirty
    2. Air ducts never cleaned
    3. Air filters never cleaned


  1. Laundry area
    1. Wooden ceiling shows water stains and damages. Leakage in this area was extreme and ignored for days despite calls
    2. Sop sink leaked
    3. Cleanliness:
      1. Area was never cleaned, concerns with water heater, air filter system
      2. Cobwebs outside of my reach apartment was never cleaned
  2. Outlets have loose hold on power cords
  3. Bathroom sink leaked
  4. Extreme damage on wood paneling
  5. Light fixture taped up
    1. I used painters tape to secure this fixture. It was only holding on by a loose screw and fell off, dangling from the wires
  6. Stairs have sharp areas nails sticking up from storage area

Dining Area // Kitchen:

  1. Cabinets
    1. Paint is flecking off and difficult to clean/tacky
    2. Drawers needed lined and were not cleaned
    3. Silverware drawer cannot stay on track
  2. Dishwasher
    1. Staff took dishwasher apart left it for three days while it leaked into basement
    2. Still in parts and not useable
    3. Standing water in dishwasher possibly related to overall plumbing issues
  3. Counter-tops
    1. Paint is tacky and difficult to clean
    2. Paint has bubbles from not being properly sealed or dried
  4. Stove and Range
    1. Drop stove is not properly seeded into counter
    2. Never cleaned
    3. Connections on stove-top are loose and spark
    4. Oven never cleaned
    5. Range hood never cleaned
    6. Filter on range never changed
  5. Sink area
    1. Possible source of leak
    2. May not drain properly into dishwasher
    3. Possible water damage
  6. Tiles in kitchen
    1. There is a dip in the floor of the kitchen possibly related to water damage
    2. Flooring is not secured
    3. Extreme dip from the tiles to carpet in the dining area
  7. Sliding back door
    1. Difficult to open and close securely
    2. Was not cleaned
    3. No screen
    4. Difficult to lock and unlock
    5. One panel missing from the blinds
  8. Dip in carpets from the stairs to the dining area
    1. Enough to be a trip hazard.
  9. Outlets
    1. Kitchen outlet under window does not work
    2. Outlet in dining area is pushed in and sparks
  10. Window
    1. Never cleaned
    2. No screen
    3. Does not lock securely
  11. Vent in kitchen was painted over and is blocked up

Living Area

  1. Water damage in ceiling by window of kitchen
  2. Drywall of left hand side from front door has extreme water damage
    1. cannot secure anything to wall despite anchors
  3. Vents are filthy
    1. one is painted over and blocked
  4. Front door
    1. Lock wiggles and does not secure
    2. Frame has crack in it from what appears to be a kick in
    3. Door leaks
  5. Window
    1. Drafty
    2. Frame falling apart
    3. No screen
    4. Will not remain up when slid into position
  6. Railing to upstairs
    1. Loose and has to be nailed in
  7. Stairway / Stairs
    1. Poorly carpeted and coming up in places
    2. Paint job rushed and blotty


  1. Vents painted over and blocked
    1. Noticeable temperature difference from upstairs to the rest of the unit
  2. Second Bedroom
    1. Closet doors fell off
    2. Closet light pull fell off
    3. Window will not say in position
      1. Window is also drafty
    4. Outlets do not hold cord properly
  3. Main Bedroom
    1. Window frame separating
      1. Extremely drafty
    2. Vents painted over and blocked
    3. Outlets pushed in and damaged
    4. Closet light pull missing
  4. Bathroom
    1. Floor shows signs of toilet flooding and water damage
      1. huge dip in the floor just before the toilet
    2. Flooring is not affixed properly
    3. Tub is rushed, not sealed properly
    4. Vent is filthy and blocked
    5. Lighting shield is dirty and does not allow a lot of light
    6. Sink top is has not been finished tacky to the touch like the kitchen counters
      1. Missing a guard on the front of the sink

Back Yard

  1. Fence rotting and falling down
  2. Bad patchwork on fence
  3. Electrical box falling out of the wall
  4. Window guard damaged
  5. Light damaged
  6. Dirty AC unit

I’m aware that this is an extremely long list. These things have not been addressed since my move-in date and are all extremely frustrating to me. I am going to send the above information one final time by certified mail, per escrow account requirements. I do not wish to put my rent into an escrow account and would much rather work with your company in getting these repairs handled.

I do not expect things to be done immediately, but I do expect for open and honest communication between your facility and myself. If I could get a schedule for these repairs it would mean a lot to me. If there is a problem meeting the schedule, I would ask to be contacted via phone or email.

Thank you again for your time

-Lily Xavier (Not my real name)

I heard nothing for the next few days. I called and spoke to the same temp person twice. Both times they said they were passing my message along. I’ve never been directly contacted. On the 9th we had a fairly major rain storm. I checked my basement to see that it was leaking, as is my front door (still). I was angry that the rep had not returned any sort of communication and I shot off the following email the same day:

Mr Withheld

It has been about five days since I emailed you. As we are talking, my basement is leaking due to the storm in the unfinished portion. Please get back to me as soon as possible.
Here is what I got as a response:
Hello!   I am out of the office on PTO from August 8th through August 13th.    Your email is important to me and I will respond when I return.Thank you!  Have a great day!

Name Withheld
Takeover Specialist
McKinley, Inc.

Why would he tell me he would handle my issue knowing that he wouldn’t? I just now sent the following email to his offices:

Mr Withheld

According to your response, you will be back in the office tomorrow. Please contact me in regards to the above matter. I’m getting very frustrated with the lack of communication. I’ve tried to have someone who can work on my unit contact me since your takeover to get some sort of game plan in place and it seems like I am continually brushed aside. I am aware that there is a great deal of work to be done to the property overall, but the lack of any response from your offices is making me feel as though the issues will never be addressed.
Thank you in advance for your time
-Lily Xavier
We’ll see what happens tomorrow I suppose…


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