The Residences of Bexley Woods Should get their Stuff Together (Part 3)

The Residences of Bexley Woods Really Should Get Their Stuff Together

As before, I want to preface these blog entries by saying I don’t want money. I really just want my problems resolved and for the complex to uphold their end of the rental agreement. If they are incapable of doing that, I want to be released from the rental contract when I find other housing with no fault or any repercussions. I intend to keep up with this until an amicable resolution can be reached.

The Living Room, Bedrooms, Basement, Stairs and Power Outages – Part Three

If you recall how I talked about the outlets in my townhouse as being loose holds at best to plug things in? Here is a photo of my vacuum cleaner cord in the plug. As you can see, it’s barely holding on. I’ve actually never seen that before in my life, I’m not sure how old the outlets are at that rate.

Some of the outlets are better than others.


There is also the matter of the water damage on the ceiling in the living room. I am not sure how long/what sort of leak was going on and neither was any of the staff of the Residences at Bexley Woods. While we’re down here, we should look at my front door gaps.


I realize that I spoke about the door in some detail already, but here are pictures of the patch job for my lock.


I must not have locked the door all the way on the 29th, because the door blew in during the storm. I made sure that it was as secure as I could get it then I slipped on the puddle of water inside my door. The leak was massive. I put a bathroom towel down and ran straight to the main office. They were without power when I got there, crowded about their cell phones and taking notes. I commented about my door and the office manager took a note. She then said “and call us later to remind us, so we can fix that tomorrow.”

The phones don’t work for that office when there is no power. I tried a few times to no avail and so instead I went out and sat at the office door at 10am when they were supposed to open. I sat there from 10 till 1015. While I was there I saw a man furiously trying to contact them so he could help his son MOVE INTO THE COMPLEX and another girl waiting to pay her deposit so that she could move in.

This is the trick that the Residences of Bexley Woods pulled on me. I paid long before I got a place and was told that they couldn’t show me anything until the day I moved in. While we were waiting there was a parade of people who were trying to figure out how much they owed for their rent, since the rent bills hadn’t arrived yet. The way that the Residences at Bexley Woods do rent is they include the water bill in with your payment. If you are late they start charging you extra. Thankfully the rent bills arrived in the mail later in the day.

The utilities are ridiculously high, while I’m talking about it. As a single person living alone I pay over 200 a month in electric (about 130), gas (around 80), and water (Who knows, apparently 30-50). My three bedroom house didn’t cost this much in the summer. I’m going to have to never run the heat in the winter at this rate.

At 12:10pm on the 2nd of July I finally was able to leave a message with the Residences of Bexley Woods. But the call did go straight to voicemail. So we will see what happens at this rate. I left a non-emergency message because unless the door is hanging open, they are likely to charge me 40 dollars for paging the emergency line.

Back to my particular problems in the apartment itself


You can see how loose this is and how splattered with paint it is. This was a rush job, obviously. Upstairs is better off than the main level or the basement. The general gripe with the hallway closet is that you have to be young and able bodied to open it. I fight this door on a daily basis. The door just seems to not properly fit in place. It’s really nothing to concern myself with when faced with the following.


It’s no wonder that it’s impossible to keep this place cool in the summer. The paint blocks ventilation and the window is drafty. Both of these items were on my move-in checklist. These windows upstairs also do not stay open on their own and need to be propped with something.

And the power plugs are loose here as well. It’s interesting to note how bad the lighting is in this place. I’ve purchased no fewer than three lamps so that I can have good light sources throughout the living space. It doesn’t help matters that the pullcords for the lights in the closets are missing. Again, this was reported when I moved in. I’m not sure if the bulbs work or not.

Here are my broken closet doors. They’ve fallen completely off because they are free swinging doors. They are also quite heavy.

Following are pictures of my upstairs bathroom. I also want to mention that when you are sitting on the toilet there is a dip in the floor. It’s like they pulled up boards or tiles that had water damage and laid the flooring without leveling things out. This sort of odd bump happens again at the top of the basement stairs.



I’ll just let those speak for themselves and move right along to the basement. I can’t tell why, but there’s a massive dip just at the top of the basement stairs. It’s like someone ripped the boards out from the floor before they put the carpet down and did nothing to level it. I’m young and able bodied, so I tend to just bark my toe from time to time. If I was not able to move around easily, I would worry that this is a trip hazard.

Here is probably what pushed me over the edge:


This light fixture was hanging on by one bad screw. When I touched the fixture to replace a bulb the whole thing came down. They have known about this for over two weeks now and it’s still hanging there. This is also the only given source of light in the finished part of my basement. Without it there is no light that comes in. The carpet is not down firmly in the corners of the room. I had to buy my own toilet paper holder for the bathrooms, by the way.

This one is horrible when compared to the glistening model. You can see issues with the mirror that look like some sort of calcium deposits. Also, here is the patch job that took them weeks:


And to finish up, here are some pictures of the unfinished portion of the basement!


There we go – three posts worth, about 12 pages in Word without the pictures. That’s what I’m dealing with as of 1pm on July 2nd.  None of these items have been fixed as of 8/9/2012. The new management company is pulling many of the same tactics as the old one, calls cannot get through, when they do you have to repeat your issue, and nothing is being taken care of. I’ll be updating again soon, to sum up the month of July, my current course of action, and, most likely, the process of putting my rent into an escrow account.

All the pictures

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