The Residences of Bexley Woods Really Should Get Their Stuff Together Part 2


The Residences of Bexley Woods have come under new management. Everything that I am reporting is STILL broken as of this post. However new management is much more communicative than the management prior. Discussions on the prior management company, New Life, will be in a later post

As before, I want to preface these blog entries by saying I don’t want money. I really just want my problems resolved and for the complex to uphold their end of the rental agreement. If they are incapable of doing that, I want to be released from the rental contract when I find other housing with no fault or any repercussions. I intend to keep up with this until an amicable resolution can be reached.

The Kitchen/Porch – Part Two

First, to address some questions:

1) I moved because I was getting a divorce, due to this I had to short sell my house. I felt as though I had things handled because I gave The Residences of Bexley Woods ample time to get things together. I was not expecting an exact duplicate of the show model. However, I was expecting things to be in working order and clean. Because of the short sale, my credit is pretty-much shot and will not be in a place where I can buy my own home again for a few years.

2) I am a pet owner with large breed dogs. They are aware of my animals (or they should be – I have a mix breed puppy that is about 5 months old and a 10 year old malamute, in case they lost that information as well). If you’re not a pet person, you probably don’t understand how difficult it is to find a place to take you and your pets on rental. My dogs are extremely well behaved, I take them almost everywhere. Malamutes are one person dogs, getting rid of her would have been horrible on her and me both.

3) I AM currently looking to move if I can get out of this lease. I’m a very quiet person, so are my pets. If you are in the Columbus area and need to rent a house/townhouse/condo out, let me know in the comments or email. I can spend about 700 a month on rent plus any utilities. I’m also pretty handy and wouldn’t mind doing updates to a place, provided that I was reimbursed for them.

4) I use the full words “Residences at Bexley Woods” and “Residences of Bexley Woods” a lot because I want it to show up on search engines. Yes, I’m aware that I’m doing it. Sorry if it trips you up.

In my first post I gave a general overview of my apartment at the Residences of Bexley Woods (did it again) and of the stuff that has yet to be fixed from move in. Today we will get into the details of the kitchen and back porch. I’m trying to keep my posts down to six pages in word each, so I don’t overload people. As of the posting of this piece nothing has been fixed. I’m desperate to make some sort of resolution happen, but the office has done nothing. This includes apparently closing out or losing my prior work order requests.

Let’s talk about my kitchen. The layout is honestly very nice! I love the galley kitchen with the little window. The back porch is a wonderful idea, as is the nice window that looks out back. If it were cleaned and had proper screening it would be perfect for eating outside on nice days. Obviously, this isn’t the case.


As you can see, the drop stove is ill fitted to the counter. The counters themselves were hastily painted the day that I was moving in. They are bubbled and a bit sticky to the touch, regardless of how much they have been cleaned, I’ll get back to those in a moment.

The Monday after I moved into the Residences at Bexley Woods, I figured I’d make myself something to eat. No better way to feel at home than making yourself a meal. This, however, was cut short when the back left burner sparked and caught on fire. I shut the stove off and the fire extinguished itself. When I called the office the manager didn’t even need to know my apartment number, she recognized me by voice. They fixed this issue very quickly and while sometimes one of the other burners goes out, it’s livable.

The problem, however, is that this isn’t exactly a new stove or a good connection:


Inside the stove it’s also messy. There’s no way I did this much damage in it living alone for three months.


Also, the interior burner coil went out in June when a friend was visiting. Thankfully she was able to stay in my place while they fixed it. Lord knows when it would have been if someone wouldn’t have been able to open the door at a moment’s notice.

Along with the little pill bugs and millipedes I found while I was cleaning, the prior resident left me with a crouton in the kitchen cabinets. (Yes, the “cleaned” kitchen). You can see how poorly the tiles are laid and how thick the paint is along the vent. This cosmetic issue continues to the hastily painted cabinets and counters

I’m not certain what kind of paint this is, but water stains it. In the kitchen. I’ll let that sort of settle in with the readers. As you can see the cabinets are chipping as well, mostly due to the hasty and cheap paint job. I’m a single woman with no kids who very rarely has even one person over, let alone a party. The sad thing is that I have a funny feeling they are going to try to charge me for that, even when we all know what it was like when I moved in.

This drawer has been off track since I moved in. I have to realign it pretty much every day at this point. Again, this is something they “fixed” when I moved in.

Dish Washer

In my previous post I commented that I had been denied numerous requests for a mold test. I’m asthmatic and take this issue very seriously. Sadly, the Residences of Bexley Woods don’t. I didn’t notice that there was backup in my dishwasher until the smell tipped me off. This is a “brand new” dishwasher, yet it can’t drain water.

I cleaned it out and dried it and have been washing my dishes in the sink for about two weeks now. And yet

So this means that there is a plumbing issue between my sink, garbage disposal, and dishwasher. I’ll end up drying this out again when the power returns to my complex. I have been unable to use my dishwasher for over two weeks at the time of this posting. When I mentioned this to the office staff, I was told that they didn’t have any maintenance to spare because they bought another facility and the staff was fixing it up.

To that, I responded “so you took on another complex that you don’t have the staff to handle”

The response? “Yes, basically”

Of course, now the story has changed and I have been informed that every air-conditioner on the property, with few exceptions, have stopped working. Mine worked alright until the power went out on the 29th of June. I’ll discuss the high utility bills in another post.

Lastly for today, the porch. In my first post you can see a strong, well-kept fence that secures the property.

It looks better now than it did when I moved in. I had to clear bushes and brush with a friend for the better part of a day to get it looking this nice. I’ve spent about 400 dollars so far on weed killer, earwig killer, stones, gravel, and other landscaping things. I was expecting to do some of this, but I was not expecting to walk out into what basically looked like a foreclosed property.

It’s little wonder that nearly no-one uses their back fences. I’ll do a sweep of the area for a different post as this one is already pushing four word pages without pictures.


You can see my broken window cover and the light fairly clearly from here. There’s a massive pine tree in my neighbor’s property and it spews the needles into my yard. Pine needles have made the ground impossible for growing anything, hence my purchasing rocks.

This is how the Residences at Bexley Woods “fixed” my fence. You can see that there are hodgepodge bits nailed to the other bits. It’s ugly, point blank. This is the most secure side of the fence, but the following pictures are closer images of the “repairs”.

Here’s my back gate and fence. I suppose I am lucky in the fact that it actually closes in a somewhat secure fashion. This is by far, the best looking part of the porch.

And the following is the worst. I was told that this was “no big deal” and that The Residences of Bexley Woods would fix it “when it falls over”. As you can see the wood is rotted and a good push will cause it to wobble. This is not secure, there’s no way I would be able to put my dog in here, even with me close-by in the kitchen. She’d need a lead.


This last picture is where the AC unit is, the meters for my electric, and the fence all “meet” and by “meet” I mean do not at all in the slightest. If the fence on this side wasn’t leaning over and rotted, I wouldn’t mind putting something up to make sure that my dogs are secured. However, it’s impossible to secure something safely to this fence. Also, why can’t they secure this properly themselves? I realize that the meter needs to be able to be accessed and read, but there has to be something they could have done.


One of the big selling points for me was the fact that I could let my dogs out if I wasn’t feeling well without having to walk them on leads. I cannot do that in this unit and I was not told that some of the fences were not secured. In fact, it wasn’t mentioned at all, despite my numerous comments about how nice it will be to let my dog have even a little fenced in area to play in.

As of this post, I learned that my management company had filed bankruptcy and that was the reason I had been unable to contact the office at all regarding my front door due to the power outage. They left tenants unable to reach them even in case of an emergency since June 29th. They refused to come into the office on the 30th. As of July 2nd we had no way to contact management. Since then, the new company has been better, but there have still be some concerning communication issues.

If you have any advice for me, questions, or comments, please let me know. I’m trying to be as factual as possible during my reporting process. If there’s anything you’d like better/more pictures of, I will do my best to comply.

All the pictures

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