Another Update

I’ve collected pictures, but I’m really too spitting mad about this to not post. The staff at the complex replaced the lock on my door and looks like they sealed it better. It’s ugly as sin, but hey, it locks.

They dismantled my dish washer and left it like that. With no note. I called and complained and was told that they needed to get a new one and would replace it. I said fine, and left it at that till a moment ago.

Guess what’s leaking again? In the exact same spot? Oh yeah, from my dishwasher down to my basement. I took a photo of it. Because I’m really beyond livid at this point. Really, can’t they do ANYTHING without making a bigger mess than they left it?

All the pictures

Part OneUpdate 1Update 2Update 3Part Two Part ThreeUpdate 4Update 5


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