The Residences of Bexley Woods Really Should get Their Stuff Together

The Residences of Bexley Woods Really Should get Their Stuff Together

I want to preface these blog entries by saying I don’t want money. I really just want my problems resolved and for the complex to uphold their end of the rental agreement. If they are incapable of doing that, I want to be released from the rental contract when I find other housing with no fault or any repercussions. I intend to keep up with this until an amicable resolution can be reached.

On March 23rd, 2012 I was supposed to move into the Residences of Bexley Woods in Columbus OH. (Off Travis Road, in case you’re keeping tabs). I had entered into the agreement to move to the complex over a month in advance. Please note, this means they had over a month to get things together. When I walked the show model I was amazed. Hardwood floors, a newly remodeled kitchen, wonderful fenced in back yard, and two amazingly well lit bathrooms. I was assured they were updating all the units but my unit “may have carpet”. I didn’t mind that and gave them a check within a week.

Here is a link to their online walkthrough:

This is the unit I walked. I want to be VERY CLEAR that this is the unit that I was sold.

I knew that the one I moved into wouldn’t be as nice as this. However, on March 23rd, I realized how “not as nice” that really was. There is actually so much to be told that I am going to have to break this up into a few posts. Please note, the following posts will include a fire on the drop stove, water damage, and all sorts of nasty surprises.

Move in Day – Part One

Something was off when I walked into the apartment and they were still laying carpet and painting. But my first shock was the front door.


you can clearly see the damage. It’s rather evident that someone kicked the door in. I stated that I wanted a new doorframe/door. But they just put a bronze colored plate in to hold the door. My door will not remain closed unless it is locked. The recent storms blew this door in. I repeat, my door is not secure and has not really been since my move-in date. They considered the plate a closed work-order and have ignored my requests for further assistance in the matter.

Not to be outdone by the front door, the back door also had issues; mostly that it was covered in filth


This is a picture taken the day that I moved in. There were chicken wing bones in the sliding frame. When I mentioned this to the manager of the Residences of Bexley Woods, she assured me that the place had been cleaned. I demanded that she go to the unit with me at that point. Despite seeing very clearly the filth in the townhouse she stuck by her claim that they had cleaned. I requested a new door here as well and was denied. Instead they “fixed” it by putting it back on track. The door is still rather difficult to open and close. If you expect to flee a fire from it you’re probably not going to make it. Again, the easiest way to “fix” the issue was done, and they have ignored all other requests to make amends.

The doors, while worrisome (and still a pain) are only the beginning of this travesty.

Moving on to the kitchen. As you could see in the walkthrough, everything was well finished and completed. The copper range hood was caked with grease and grime so thick that my ex husband took over an hour to clean it. We replaced the burnt out lightbulb and called to complain. Sometime during the “cleaning” process, they did manage to take my new lightbulb. We finished cleaning. Following are pictures of the cabinets in the kitchen:


Suffice to say that I bought shelf liners. I wasn’t going to trust these cabinets to be clean at all, considering the state of the apartment when I moved in.

The outlets are extremely insecure in the townhouse all around. If something is plugged into them they hang out and a bump or jiggle in the cord will pop whatever is plugged in away from the outlet. This is through the whole apartment, but since we’re staying on the main level for now, have a picture:


Let’s not forget the water damage that is on the ceiling of the main level. It’s obvious that the upstairs full bath had flooded at least once. And I didn’t even know the half of it at that point.


The kitchen sink was also obviously leaking. In fact, there was major water seeping into the basement. I was told “oh it’s just the condensation line” no fewer than three times before I demanded someone to come look and verify that this was indeed a leak. Turns out that they never replaced my garbage disposal with a new unit. The staff was very fast in fixing this particular issue, but they have done nothing since.

The tile was not well secured at all, and there are raised portions of the floor that can make walking a bit on the hazardous side:



At this point I was utterly livid. I had to be out of my house by the 6th of April and I took time off to move. The Residences of Bexley Woods had over a month’s notice before my move-in date. And they gave me, a paying customer, this. I went to open the windows while we were cleaning and noticed that they had been hastily painted shut:

Not only were the windows painted shut (every one of them), but the downstairs has no screens on the doors or windows so it’s impossible to air the place out without worrying for my dog escaping. The giant bush in front of the main window downstairs sort of obstructs airflow anyway, I suppose. They did manage to get the windows to open. They flake paint now to this day, months later. The windows will not stay open either, and must be propped up with something.

Perturbed because of the water leak, I headed downstairs. The wood paneling downstairs was damaged. Chunks were ripped out and there were cobwebs in the windows. Unlike the lovely, bright model, this was dark and dank. Once light fixture shed some light onto the apartment, but it was far too dark to see down there without extra lighting.


The bathroom was a horror show as well. Filthy with yet another leaking sink (This is two for two)

But that all paled in comparison to the unfinished portion of the basement, the laundry area:

You can clearly see the leaks are from the floor above and not from any condensation line. They tried twice to fix this before they realized that the garbage disposal was the issue. There is no way of knowing how long this leak was in place, it’s obvious that the area was never cleaned. The heater was actually in pieces and there are still wires exposed in that area.

I was refused a mold test upon my request.

The sop sink, I realized, was also leaking (three for three!). It took over two weeks for these issues to be addressed. I was still denied a mold test.

My patience was running very thin as I walked upstairs.


the stairs are loose and a total mess. The paint flakes all over and I’ve hammered the railing back in on my own. The windows, again were painted shut and all the vents were painted over. The window frame has separated from the wall. The closets were absolutely filthy and the pull chains for the lights had fallen off.

NONE of these issues have been addressed as of July 1st 2012.




Unlike the immaculate model, the bathroom upstairs would be better suited to a Silent Hill Level. Inspecting the tiles revealed obvious curling from water damage, loose, mishapped fittings, and a shower that leaked (four for four!) when I turned on the hot water knob. This was not a little leak, water spewed from the knob, not the faucet.

To make matters worse, the tub was badly patched and a tarp like substance was what lined the shower, not a traditional plastic shield. While they did manage to fix that, it took two visits for them to fix my shower leak. This is better than the four visits it took to get my sop sink fixed, I suppose.





And finally, my back patio was a complete mess. The fence between myself and my left side neighbor is falling over and rotted. When asked to fix this, they said they would take care of it when it fell over. They will not fix the fence till then. Instead they slapped rotted bits of wood on top of rotted bits of wood. I don’t have pictures of that quite yet, I will get them as soon as possible.

Suffice to say I didn’t move in on the 23rd as intended. Instead I had to keep the Uhal another day, take more time off work, and strain the already difficult situation between me and my ex. I was only compensated 100 dollars for this and never once was any wrongdoing admitted.

-I was denied a mold test
-upstairs window is still separated
-upstairs bathroom tile never fixed
-upstairs bathroom mirror never fixed
-upstairs closets never fixed
-back door not properly repaired
-front door not properly repaired
-outlets are not secure/safe
-vents are not replaced or cleaned
-air ducts have probably never been cleaned out

My next post will detail things that I noticed after my move-in date. None of these issues have been addressed and I have no reason to believe that they will be. Hence this blog.


All the pictures


Part OneUpdate 1Update 2Update 3Part Two Part ThreeUpdate 4, Update 5



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