Well, it’s been a month

I’m currently hanging out at a starbucks with a lovely lady waiting to go to a wedding. It’s been one busy month for me, my hobbies (including this blog) have suffered terribly. Thankfully, I have Monday off  so I can actually put my new place together, go through the posts here, and actually get back to typing. I have a live feed that will be going on June 4th, or 5th about interviewing and job/school prep. I’ll link the feed here, in case anyone is interested.

I’m also soaking up atheist blogs lately. I’m pretty fascinated by philosophy in general and realized that I lacked quite a bit of knowledge in the readings. Therefore I picked up The God Delusion, and am reading a bunch of blogs from ex-evangelicals, it’s an utterly fascinating thing to me. 

 But, it’s time to go for a walk with said lovely lady. I’ll check in later.


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